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Aquamarine has a long history and is known for its fascinating color. It was officially discovered during the 1700s in Siberia and is scientifically named “aqua marina,” which means seawater in Latin – this name alludes to its striking greenish-blue hue. It's also regarded as the birthstone of March. Aquamarine’s vivid coloring comes from iron impurities in its beryl structure; additionally, stones that are larger naturally showcase a more intense shade of blue.

Aquamarine has a long and storied history in different cultures. Greeks, Romans, and Egyptians saw this mineral as a symbol of happiness and youth, while Sailors enjoyed its benefits for safe passage across the sea. Our stunning collection includes a variety of Aquamarine crystal pendants like 925 sterling silver aquamarine crystal pendants. These eye-catching natural Aquamarine pendants can be paired with any necklace from our extensive selection to elevate your style!

At Wholesale Silver, we strive to provide the highest quality Aquamarine pendants for our customers. Our team puts a great amount of effort into creating superior products with superior customer service. We are confident that you will not be disappointed with your purchase from us.

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