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Brooches and pins are a type of jewelry that is used to accentuate clothing. These items usually consist of an ornamental element, such as a stone or delicate metalwork, mounted onto a pin or clasp component. This allows the item to be worn on outerwear by pushing the pin through the garment.

Brooches and pins are accessories that vary greatly in design and style. They may be constructed from precious metals such as gold, silver, or platinum, as well as more commonplace non-precious metals such as copper or brass. When combined with beads, stones, enamel, or other embellishments fashioned from various materials, these delicate pieces of jewelry can make a unique fashion statement.

Are you interested in adding a bit of flair to your outfit? Our large collection of 925 Sterling Silver brooches and pins is sure to do the trick. We offer a range of beautiful designs, including our signature Muse Brooch and Bowtie Kitty Brooch. Whether you want something that has an ornate statement or something simple, we have an array of pins that will complete your look.

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