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Larvikite was named after the town of Larvik located within Norway, where it was first discovered. Larvikite is known to be a member of the feldspar family. This stone has been known by many names such as blue granite, bird's eye granite, norwegian pearl granite, and royal blue pearl granite. In metaphysical belief, larvikite is believed to be both a grounding stone and a protective stone.

Larvikite bracelets are sought-after jewelry pieces, due to their stunning natural beauty. This stone is a form of igneous rock found in Norway and has a unique black color speckled with white feldspar crystals. Larvikite is also referred to as "Black Labradorite" because the two stones have a similar appearance.

Bracelets made from Larvikite come in all sorts of shapes and sizes - you can find simple minimalist designs or more intricate pieces adorned with metal accents or multiple stones arranged in patterns. Besides being visually appealing, Larvikite is believed by many to possess beneficial properties such as promoting inner peace, helping connect with the earth, and encouraging personal growth. If you want to access the benefits of natural gemstones on a daily basis, why not add one of these beautiful bracelets to your collection?

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