Wholesale Southwestern Style Jewelry

Our collection of Southwestern jewelry features motifs reminiscent of the American Southwest Culture, such as turquoise stone, sterling silver, wild horses, American wolves, and other folkloric American symbols. This rugged collection offers wonderful keepsakes and truly brings out the cowboy or cowgirl in you. We carry both men’s and women’s Southwestern Style jewelry, including southwestern bracelets and southwestern rings for men. Our Southwestern bracelets can also be customized with personal engraving. Among the most popular of our Southwestern Jewelry are the Bear Claw and Wolf symbols along the band of the bracelet and are closely decorated with turquoise inlay

About Our Southwestern Jewelry

Inspired by jewelry found in the American southwest-Arizona, New Mexico, Colorado, Utah Nevada to name a few-our southwestern jewelry features turquoise and sterling silver, commonly found in this great American region. We carry southwestern rings, earrings, bracelets, pendants, and necklaces that bring to mind the wilderness of the southwestern desert- wolves, horses, bears, hummingbirds, owls, & buffalo to name a few. So whether you are celebrating your heritage, or just looking for something unique and cute, Wholesale Silver is proud to be your source for southwestern jewelry.

While our jewelry is not American Indian Jewelry, it does give homage to the heritage of the American nations that existed before the United States. All of our Southwestern-style jewelry is handmade in the USA. Our Southwestern Rings are not Indian made nor are they Native American Jewelry as defined by federal law.

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