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Turquoise looks great on sterling silver men’s rings as well as women’s rings. The turquoise borrows from the luster of sterling silver to make a combination that will take you back to ancient times. Turquoise stones have a deep history and are known by many as among the first gems to be mined and commercialized globally. Everyone respects the history of turquoise because it may have been the first multi-culturally influential stone to ever exist. If you love history and you understand the value of turquoise, you will love your turquoise men’s ring.

Turquoise is an opaque blue-green mineral that is created from the hydrated phosphate of copper and aluminum. The stone was a prized gemstone for thousands of years because of its rich hue and rustic appeal. Ancient turquoise jewelry can be found in almost every part of the world, from Mayan civilizations to Egyptian pyramids. This shows that the stone was identifiable and beautiful to anyone who saw it.

Turquoise was found on many kinds of jewelry and even sword sheaths as a symbol of power and wealth. Now, the turquoise appeal has been lessened, due to mass production of more lustrous synthetic stones. However, the earthy rustic appeal of turquoise still holds true in many cultures and traditions today. Turquoise is still a staple of many southwestern ornaments and accessories such as men’s southwestern style turquoise rings and bolo ties.

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