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Sterling Silver Bracelets

The name bracelets is derived from the Greek word “brachile” which translates to “of the arm.” In fact, the first known bracelets were worn sometime in 2500 BC in southern Mesopotamia by Sumerians. However, there have been numerous gold bracelets discovered that date as far back as 700 to 900 BC. The oldest known bracelet is said to be about 40,000 years old and was discovered in Russia by Russian archaeologists. During these earlier times, these bracelets were not only crafted for accessory purposes but were also utilized for protection. For example, in order to protect their hands, Greek soldiers were known to use bracelets composed of bronze, and Roman soldiers utilized iron arm guards and bracelets for the same purpose.

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 Throughout time, bracelets depending on their style carried different meanings and symbols. For example, in Europe British men, Gaulish men, and germanic men were known to adorn themselves with iron bracelets in order to serve as a representation of their manhood. Ancient Egyptian pharaohs often wore bracelets for the belief these jewelry items could be used as protection charms against evil spirits. Egyptian pharaohs not only utilized these bracelets for protection, gold bracelets were also worn in order to symbolize their power and wealth. Azabache bracelets are predominantly utilized for protection against mal de ojo or evil eye within the cultures found in Latin America. In Indian culture, Bengal bracelets composed of gold or other metals are often worn by the newlywed bride to signify prosperity as well as good fortune. These beautiful Bengals are a known classic staple in Indian bridal wear.

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