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Pearl Earrings have been a classic symbol of natural beauty for ages. So perfect is the symbolism of the pearl as natural untainted beauty that Vermeer used the pearl earring as a focal point for his incredibly famous painting Girl with a Pearl Earrings which has captivated art connoisseurs for centuries. While we can’t all be captured by Dutch masters into a timeless work of art, we can all partake of the beauty of pearls.

Our collection of drop pearl earrings here at Wholesale Silver contains an array of genuine freshwater pearl earrings, real pearl earrings, and a stunning collection of Austrian pearl earrings which are quite possibly the most beautiful and perfect faux pearls one can find. Austrian pearls start out with a solid crystal core and then are coated with many layers of pearl finish in a way that re-creates the method by that genuine pearls are made. We are certain that you will find our very affordable pearls to be the perfect addition to your own jewelry collection.