Bangle Bracelets

Bangle bracelets are a classical style bracelet most popular in South Asian culture, which have become infused into modern fashion. Bangle bracelets are a lovely addition to any outfit from trendy casual to chic and dressy. Here at Wholesale Silver, we offer a great selection of bangles from sterling silver bangle bracelets & gemstone jade bangle bracelets to gold and gold plated bangles. We also carry bangle bracelets in a variety of shapes and sizes from wide bangles to small bangles. Each bangle bracelet is designed with your unique style in mind. It will be a breeze to find a bangle that matches your fashion trend!

Our classy bangles are great accessories for fancy wedding attire or even a simple and casual wardrobe. They can add just the slightest touch of class to any stylish trend. They are also a great Mother’s Day gift!

About Our Gold Plated and Sterling Silver Bangle Bracelets

Our lovely bangle bracelets are designed with our custom gems and stones such as our cubic zirconia diamonds, amber gemstones, and teardrop pearls. The bangles come in a variety of styles like sterling silver plated, gold plated, Rhodium plated and Vermeil underlay. What is Vermeil? Vermeil is a gilded silver or bronze metal that we use to craft our bangle bracelets in order to make them last longer. Vermeil and Rhodium are stronger metals that won’t bend or break. This ensures that you get the highest quality jewelry at an affordable price that you will love! Rhodium plating is also a different process of jewelry making which simply creates a stronger and longer lasting metal bracelet. Our Rhodium jewelry is a lovely addition to your collection and at a very affordable price that fits any budget.

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