Wholesale Claddagh Rings

Irish Claddagh Rings are a classic and traditional way to show your affection for that special someone in your life. Whether it's for friendship or true love, Claddagh Rings are commonly used to represent both. Our gorgeous 925 sterling silver rings with Claddagh design come in various styles and colors, including embellishment with cubic zirconia or our lovely natural gemstones. Each ring is made with .925 sterling silver and beautifully crafted to match your unique style

About Our Claddagh Rings

Claddagh rings are great as gifts! Select from our birthstone Claddagh rings to share with that special person in your life. Shop our Claddagh rings for women and men to find the perfect gift!

Irish Claddagh Ring Story

There are many interpretations of the “right way” to wear your Claddagh ring, what follows is the most commonly repeated.

If you wear the Irish Claddagh Rings on your right ring finger with the heart pointed toward your fingertip, this means you are single. If you wear it on the same finger, but with the heart facing toward you, it traditionally means you are in a relationship. If you wear it on your left-hand ring finger facing you, it traditionally means you are engaged or married. Whether you are celebrating your heritage, honoring a special relationship, or simply looking for a cute ring, an Irish Claddagh ring is a perfect fit!

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