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Natural Emerald Crystal Jewelry

Emerald is a green, precious gem in the Berin mineral family. Emerald has been synonymous with green since ancient times. The finest emerald is a really comforting sight. The deep green color and soft velvety texture characterize emeralds. According to Indian mythology, the name emerald was originally translated from Sanskrit as "emerald", meaning "green of growing things". It is a gem for those who believe in Vedic astrology, which they wear to succeed in business, work, and creative endeavors.

As the May Birthstone, the emerald is a thought-provoking gift for anyone celebrating a birthday or other special occasion in the month of May. It is a popular gem among the best modern jewelry designs. From stunning emerald rings, engagement rings, and earrings to emerald pendants and bracelets. Whatever your preference, jewelry made of natural emeralds is available for you.