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What are Eternity Rings? Everyone knows about Wedding bands & engagement rings but somehow the Eternity band has been quietly growing in popularity. Eternity bands have their roots in ancient culture but in the 1950s they grew in popularity as a way to commemorate anniversaries

Some couples choose to add an eternity ring to their wedding band on the first anniversary, tenth, 25th, 50th, et cetera. One idea has been to change the color with each anniversary so that the eternity bands are always changing.

Simply put an Eternity Band is a ring with stones set tightly around the entire circumference of the band. Cubic Zirconia Eternity Bands are a much less expensive, but equally beautiful, alternative to diamond eternity bands. Our inexpensive 925 Sterling Silver Eternity Bands for Women come in many options of Cubic Zirconia colors. Choose between Clear Cubic Zirconia Eternity Bands which are ideal for first anniversaries, Pink Ice CZ Eternity Bands which are great for commemorating the birth of a baby girl, and many more options. We carry high-quality Sterling Eternity Rings in the colors of your choice.

About Our Eternity Bands

Wholesale Silver’s Cubic Zirconia Eternity Bands will bring the expensive look of real gemstones for a small price tag. The stones in the Eternity Bands can come in different shapes. You can choose between Princess Cut CZ Eternity Bands and Round CZ Eternity Bands. If you are a Baguette lover then go for a Baguette CZ Eternity Band. You can wear the Cubic Zirconia Eternity Band as a single ring or stack them with multiple colored CZ eternity rings. They will look great no matter how you wear them. Since an eternity band is a companion to your wedding ring then it will always match, always be in style, and always continue making the statement of eternity.

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