Wholesale Peridot Jewelry

Peridot is a well-known and ancient gem. The Peridot, the birthstone of modern August, has been considered a jewel since ancient times. The most desirable color in the period is deep olive green, slightly yellowish. The intensity of the color depends on the amount of iron contained in the chemical composition of a period. The Egyptians called it the "jewel of the sun."

Peridot is found in a number of different places around the world. It is commonly found in the United States, China, and Pakistan. In the United States, it is found in Arizona, Hawaii, and Nevada. In China, it is found in the Hunan Province. In Pakistan, it is found in the Peshawar Valley.

Peridot Jewelry features a beautiful and shiny green gem. Peridot rings, Peridot earrings, and Peridot necklaces are important gemstone jewelry options. Peridot jewelry is often designed in sterling silver, white gold, yellow gold, or platinum. Peridot is Softer than many other gems. Care should be taken with peridot jewelry to avoid scratches.

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