Wholesale Plain Silver Rings

Plain Sterling Silver rings are versatile in shape and style. 925 Sterling Silver is an easy metal to work with so designs can be complex or simple, everything from simple wedding bands to intricate filigree patterns are available. In most cases, we are able to work directly with the jewelry manufacturers direct so that our prices are nearly wholesale jewelry rates!

What is a plain silver ring? Quite simply, a plain silver ring is one that has no adornments of any sort and is a well worked piece of silver that has been shaped into a pattern of simple twists, turns, filigree, or other designs. Plain Silver Rings can be Celtic knots, Claddagh rings, animal rings, or other shapes. Still, other plain silver rings have a retro look.

Many people who prefer plain silver rings do so because they are more versatile as they are color neutral and plain silver rings, therefore, go with any outfit which makes it easy to have just a few favorite pieces that you can always wear.


The plain silver rings that we offer are all stamped 925 Silver so that you can be certain of true Sterling Silver quality. Most of the wide-band rings are engravable, if you do not see ring engraving as an option, please feel free to call our customer service and ask about how you can get your ring personalized.

Browse our collections of jewelry to find companion pieces for your plain sterling silver ring; we have styles of jewelry that are made in America as well as from direct import sources. We have Celtic styles, including Claddagh rings, and retro styled designs that incorporate filigree patterns and spiral loops in the plain silver rings

Enjoy your classical, elegant, and affordable jewelry from Wholesale Silver!

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