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Rubies are not only seen as a symbol of luxury but they are also known as the birthstone for the month of July. The name is derived from the Latin word “Rubens” which translates to “red,” in reference to its vibrant shades of red. Rubies are a part of the corundum family and are only known as rubies if they are in any shade of red, anything else would be considered a sapphire.

In fact, the most desired shade of red in any ruby is named “pigeon’s blood,” it is a deep red with hints of blue. When exposed to ultraviolet rays the majority of rubies will glow, and this is due to the UV rays interacting with the Chromium located within the rubies.

In metaphysical belief, rubies are believed to both balances the heart as well as promote confidence. It is also said that rubies possess the ability to aid in holding onto both passion and wealth. This stone removes negative energies from your path in order to promote feelings of joy, courage, and spontaneity. Ruby is commonly associated with both the base chakra as well as the heart chakra.

Here at Wholesale Silver, we offer a lovely selection of ruby earrings! From men’s ruby earrings to women’s ruby earrings. These dazzling ruby earrings come in various styles such as ruby stud earrings, ruby drop earrings, ruby hoop earrings, ruby heart earrings, ruby dangle earrings, ruby flower earrings, and ruby teardrop earrings to name a few.

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