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Ruby is a stunning gemstone, part of the corundum family, and characterized by its deep pink or blood-red hues. Derived from the Latin word "Ruber," meaning red, ruby has long been considered one of the premier stones in traditional jewelry. Capable of attaining an extraordinary saturation level and always displaying red, ruby often serves as a favorite when it comes to powerful figures and those looking for love. The Bible and various ancient Sanskrit texts esteem ruby highly, at times declaring it even more valuable than any other stone. Likewise, ruby has been accepted for centuries as July's birthstone.

Ruby crystal jewelry is popular for many reasons: it is beautiful and unique, versatile, and has many healing properties. The deep red color of ruby crystals is said to symbolize power and courage, and the crystals are believed to bring energy and vitality. Ruby crystal jewelry makes a great investment piece because it is timeless and can be worn with any type of outfit. It is also the perfect gift for a loved one.

How you wear jewelry Interestingly, Ruby looks extraordinarily beautiful in that form. This gem never fails to attract attention with its attractive color. These are great choices for an engagement or even Valentine's Day. Jewelry made of these stones is a great gift for those born in the month of July and for occasions like the fifteenth or fortieth anniversary.

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