Southwestern Style Earrings

Our Southwestern style earrings are handcrafted in the USA from 925 Sterling Silver and genuine turquoise chip inlay. The aesthetic of southwestern jewelry uses chip stone inlay to create designs that are reminiscent of Native American Jewelry. Wolf, bear and eagle earrings make one think of the strength of those animals while silver arrowheads promote the idea of direction and a warrior mindset. Enjoy the time honored tradition of stone chip inlay in all of our designs and know that each piece has a unique look and feel since the turquoise chip inlay is slightly different from each piece of turquoise jewelry

While our hand-crafted jewelry is made in the USA, it is NOT Indian made or a Tribal Craft item as defined by US Law. Our Southwestern Style Jewelry is an homage to the great nations that came before the establishment of the United States and the symbols are borrowed from that proud lineage of history.


Turquoise Jewelry is often described as Native American Jewelry or Indian Jewelry but this is not really the case. While our Southwestern Style Earrings use symbols of American Indian Jewelry, it is not actually Native American Turquoise Jewelry but rather it is hand-crafted 925 Sterling Silver Jewelry with a turquoise inlay which is an homage to Native American culture and symbolism. Our Jewelry is not Indian made nor is it Navajo jewelry or any other tribe or nation as defined by US Law.

It uses the symbols of Native American tribes in order to romanticize the look and feel of the old west.

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