Wholesale Tiger Eye Bracelets

Be fierce as a tiger with our tiger eye jewelry. Tiger eye is a gemstone that is known for its luster and chatoyancy. Chatoyancy is an effect often seen in gemstones that create an optical reflection giving the gemstone a unique depth and shine. Varying in color, from yellows to browns to reds, tiger eye is a must-have in every jewelry collection and is sure to mesmerize.

Tiger Eye Bracelets offer a beautiful and unique way to accessorize. Crafted from the golden-brown crystal Tiger Eye, these bracelets bring an earthy elegance to any outfit. Stylish and sophisticated, they are perfect for anyone who wants to make a statement.

Tiger Eye offers a one-of-a-kind look, thanks to its distinctive chatoyancy that casts a shimmering light on the bracelet. These gems can be crafted in a variety of precious metals, as gold and silver, to create simple or intricate designs. We have something for everyone, offering an array of styles – all with Tiger Eye's mesmerizing sheen.

Tiger Eye bracelets are a great addition to anyone's jewelry box, as they are both timeless and versatile accessories. These bracelets can be proportionately worn with almost any outfit, making them suitable for people of all ages. Therefore, Tiger Eye bracelets make wonderful gifts, whether it's for an everyday look or saving the piece for special occasions.

Tiger Eye bracelets are both fashionable and easy to maintain. Their unique designs make them delightful additions to jewelry collections, right alongside the timeless classics. To ensure that these pieces stay in pristine condition, simply wipe the stone with a soft cloth and store them away from any sources of extreme temperatures or humidity. With its long history of admiration and esteem, Tiger Eye bracelets are sure to become treasured pieces.

In addition to our tiger eye bracelet collection, we carry tiger eye earrings and tiger eye pendants. We also have tiger eye jewelry sets available, so whether you are treating yourself or a loved one, you are bound to find what you are looking for on Wholesale Silver, your source for unique 925 sterling silver, gemstone & crystal jewelry online.

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Tiger Eye with Austrian Crystals Sterling Silver Adjustable Bracelet

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