Cubic Zirconia, a crystallographically isotropic material, was first found in its natural form baddeleyite in the year 1892. This form of the mineral was very rare. So, humans started synthesizing cubic zirconia in laboratories, for use in jewelry. Since then, it is the strongest contender for diamonds. To be precise, it is an inexpensive substitute for diamonds. Thus, if you are looking for the jewelry with a low price tag, but unbeatable beauty and style, then cubic zirconia is the perfect alternative.

An engagement ring or a wedding band is that special something a couple of treasures for a lifetime. When it comes to buying jewelry for such events, it is not the cost that counts. What is important is the love that is embedded in it. Cubic zirconia engagement rings are timeless and valuable. They make the most beautiful engagement rings. Then why bother yourself with a costly diamond ring when you can get an equally stunning design in cubic zirconia?

Cubic zirconia is usually colorless, but with the help of modern technologies, can be made into a variety of colors. This is the reason we have such a huge selection of engagement rings like pink engagement rings, blue engagement rings, antique style engagement rings and so along. These pieces of art created by humans are evaluated using qualities like cut, clarity, carat weight, and color. At, we feature vivid designs of cubic zirconia rings for men and women. The two most popular cuts in diamond jewelry are round cut and princess cut. The same cuts are also made in cubic zirconia. Princess cut can be identified by a square or rectangular shape on top and an inverted pyramid like shape on the sides. Take a look at the princess cut pink CZ solitaire ring, princess cut clear CZ with accents ring or princess cut clear Cubic Zirconia engagement ring. They look so grand, you won’t believe the price. The gems on it are totally transparent and possess a bright fire. The setting of sterling adds an additional shine to the item.

Cubic zirconia is an affordable alternative to diamonds. They produce more flashes of light than diamonds and are hence extremely popular in fashion jewelry. The combination of cubic zirconia and Claddagh makes unique jewelry pieces for special occasions. The Claddagh engagement ring is perfect to make your engagement more special as it will stay as a reflection of your love forever. The gems in these exquisite designs sparkle with every move, giving them a dazzling look from every angle. There are many more unique engagement rings in our collection at gem venue, which are going to take your breath away. It includes aquamarine engagement rings, butterfly engagement rings, infinity band engagement rings and the list goes on. We also have a wide array of contemporary engagement rings, classic engagement rings as well as traditional engagement rings the perfect choice for a life event. The beauty of your special day will be remembered in that piece forever.

Cubic zirconia Rings are available in a variety of shapes and sizes. Thus, knowing the width you should choose for your ring is important. Here goes a free tip for you. A ring with a wide band will generally look good if you have big fingers and a thin CZ Ring will look good if you have petite fingers. As is the case with everything there are exceptions. Find a piece that fills a sense of pride and elegance in you and fills you with joy every time you look at it.

At we feature finely crafted jewelry encapsulating beauty, fashion, and quality for discerning women. Browse through our designs to find the perfect jewelry of your choice and enhance your life events with us. We are looking forward to your visit. Enjoy shopping at our user friendly online store.

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