Sterling Silver Jewelry Basics

Sterling Silver Jewelry Basics

Jewelry is often described as an ornament, an artistic creation that reflects culture and thought and expresses compliments to the human form. Therefore wearing pieces of jewelry is an embellishment of everyday life. Men and women alike use this artistic commodity to feel special in some way. Jewelry becomes a powerful means to carve an impression in the minds of people. The jewelry preferred for a formal occasion will often vary greatly from what one wears at an informal gathering. Some pieces may hold very special memories for the wearer, and those are reserved for special occasions. Thus, the right complement of accessories is equally important. At times, the accessories we wear become a trademark by which people remember us. No doubt, Jewelry is a mark of wealth and status. At Gem Avenue, we have a huge collection of the perfect match accessories for you for every occasion.

What is Sterling Silver Jewelry?

Jewelry comes in a wide variety of shapes and sizes. It may be made out of any of the precious metals gold, silver, or platinum. Silver is a highly flexible metal and is the most common among precious metals. Sterling silver is defined as 925 silver based on the millesimal fineness scale. This indicates that there are 925 parts of silver per 1000 parts, this equates to 92.5% pure silver. Copper, zinc, gallium, and other metals

are used to complete the balance. The other metals are added to the Sterling Silver alloy to enhance color or to make it more flexible while being worked into jewelry. In the United States, all Sterling Silver must be 100% nickel and lead free, so rest assured that all Gem Avenue Sterling Silver Jewelry is completely safe to wear. Visit our shop at to browse the huge collection of sterling silver jewelry for both men and women.

The most elegant category in our sterling silver collection is sterling silver engagement rings and sterling silver wedding rings. You can engrave your most special moment in a unique piece and it will serve as a vehicle that preserves the emotional attachments and bring memories of your personal life. We also have an exclusive collection of sterling silver Claddagh rings, sterling silver Celtic rings, and sterling silver heart rings which are also very attractive and represent the love that a couple has for one another. Claddagh is an Irish ring with deep symbolism, the hands in it represent friendship, the heart represents love and the crown stands for loyalty. These pieces signify the unbreakable bond between hearts and for this reason, many people have chosen the Claddagh as their wedding ring.

When it comes to jewelry, age should never limit you. A teenager and an elderly lady can look equally radiant while wearing a well chosen piece of silver. For the young and young at heart, an alternating combination of bold & chunky pieces combined with slender, long pieces creates a great contrast that exudes youthfulness. Recently, sterling silver toe rings, sterling silver cubic zirconia rings, sterling silver turquoise rings and sterling silver gemstone rings have gotten more notice in the fashion world as many trends merge classic designs with the more avant-garde styles seen on Fashion Week runways. These designs are timeless and have outlasted fads and seasonal trends. With these pieces of jewelry, you will never be behind the time and they promise you a cool look.

Our category of unique silver rings, men’s sterling silver rings and sterling silver rings for women make the best gift for your loved ones. Every piece of jewelry given as a gift creates a memory, a fixed point in time that one can think fondly on. Sterling Silver that is well cared for can last a lifetime. So choose your next memory to give at Gem Avenue.

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