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Anklets have been believed to be simple fashion accessories and nothing more. However, with anklets comes a long history of symbolism and meanings that add to the everlasting beauty of anklets. With growing popularity, anklets are a trend that does not seem to be fading any time soon!

Around 45000 years ago, the ancient civilization of Mesopotamia was believed to have been some of the first people to have worn anklets. In fact, historians have excavated anklets composed of metal and stones from Sumerian tombs. In history, anklets were mainly worn as either good luck charms or talismans because they were in close proximity to the ground. Throughout ancient Egypt, anklets were worn in order to represent social status and fortune. For example, if a woman was seen donning a golden or silver anklet with various charms and decorations it represented that she was married to a wealthy man. During this time only people of the upper class were allowed to wear anklets made up of gold. Middle class people would wear anklets composed of either iron or silver while the poor lower class would craft anklets up of any material they could find, oftentimes string.

Wholesale Silver offers a vast assortment of anklets in various styles such as silver plated anklets, 925 sterling silver anklets, Austrian crystal element anklets, simulated pearl anklets, freshwater pearl anklets, cats eye anklets, and bicone-shaped anklets to name a few. With this variety of styles comes a bright and fun variety of colors!

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