August Birthstone Jewelry Wholesale

August birthstone jewelry is a special and unique choice for anyone born in that month. Peridot, an emerald-green gemstone treasured for centuries, is the official birthstone of August. This mineral originates deep in Earth's mantle, usually in volcanic rocks, and has a distinctive yellowish-green or olive-green hue. It makes an eye-catching statement as a birthstone jewelry item!

Retailers can find plenty of August birthstone wholesale options to appeal to customers celebrating special occasions or just wanting something extra special. There are many styles, designs, and materials – all with their own unique beauty – for retailers to choose from. Investing in wholesale August birthstone jewelry helps stores distinguish themselves from other offerings in the market.

Peridot is the traditional gemstone for August and its traditional name has been attributed to an Arabic word ("faridat") or a Greek phrase ("peridona"). It symbolizes prosperity and success, and its unique shade of green comes from the stone itself; other elements do not cause any color change. Peridot stands out among the birthstones for this month because it is the only one with a single color, in this case green.

As the August birthstone, peridot is said to promote healing and protection. We know just how meaningful this gemstone can be, which is why we offer a variety of stunning Peridot jewelry pieces. Choose from our selection of simple stud earrings or sparkling pendant necklaces—there's something to suit everyone's style. Make someone special in your life feel loved with a gift of beautiful Peridot jewelry.

Here at Wholesale Silver, we pride ourselves on providing the best quality August birthstone rings, necklaces, and more. Birthstone jewelry is an ideal gift for birthdays. If you're looking for something special for a friend or family member with a different birthday month, be sure to check out our other birthstone pages!

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