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August Birthstone Jewelry

August is one of three months (besides April and June) that has three birthstones. The primary stone associated with this month with August. The name Peridot comes from ancient history. Some believe the Arabic word “faridat”, meaning gem, was the inspiration. Others say “peridona”, Greek for plenty, is the root. Regardless, the stone is symbolic of prosperity and success. Peridot's shade of green is dependent on the iron content in the stone, however, the color comes from the stone itself and not from the impurities, unlike many other stones. That is why there is no other color for peridot aside from green.

You can find August birthstone rings, pendants, necklaces, and much more on our website. If your birthday is on a different date, check out our other birthstone pages for yours! Birthstone jewelry makes a great gift for your friend or family member's birthday.