Belly Button Rings Wholesale

Belly button rings are a type of body jewelry that is worn through the skin and tissue of the belly button. The jewelry typically consists of a curved barbell-shaped piece of metal, with a decorative charm or bead on one end and a small ball on the other end that is used to secure the jewelry in place. Belly button rings come in a wide variety of styles, including simple metal designs, colorful beads, and sparkling gems.

Belly button rings are usually made of metal, although some may be made of other materials such as glass or plastic. The metal is usually surgical steel, titanium, or gold. The choice of metal is often based on personal preference, although some people may have allergies to certain metals.

Belly rings are a hot new trend in jewelry fashion. The stainless steel barbell belly rings that we carry come in different styles and designs. A simple cubic zirconia belly ring will be sure to dazzle. We also carry studded dangles as well as heart and flower shape rings. You won't find a better price for these high-quality belly rings anywhere else.

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