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Birthstone Rings are a great way to symbolize your date of birth silently every day. It can be a reminder of your roots or just a little note to make your unique look a bit more of You. Choose your birthstone ring based on the gemstone you were born under or wear a remembrance ring by choosing a birthstone ring for someone you love who has passed away. For instance, you may choose to wear your mother’s birthstone rings to commemorate her passing.

Some people choose to wear a December birthstone ring during the holidays to remember the birth of Christ, others wear a June birthstone ring to remember a wedding day. Use the rings however you choose to interpret the birthstone ring guide.

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About Birthstone Rings

Where did Birthstones come from? It is said that the idea of birthstones can be traced back to the Breastplate of Aaron which was described in the Bible in the book of Exodus 28:17-21. The Breastplate was worn as a religious garment by the Hebrews' high priest. It was set with twelve gemstones that represented the twelve tribes of Israel. In the early centuries AD the birthstone idea was broken down by people analyzing the writings and assigning the birthstones to the months of the year or the signs of the zodiac. Finally in Eastern Europe a few centuries ago Birthstone rings emerged in popularity.

Originally birthstone rings were not merely worn for an individual’s birthstone but one would wear the birthstone for each month as the calendar passed. Birthstones for men were very common along with birthstones for women and the tradition evolved until the modern day where birthstone rings for women & men are usually only worn to signify one’s own birthday so that instead of wearing an October birthstone ring in the month of October and a November birthstone ring in November you would just wear your own April birthstone ring year-round.

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