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Chalcedony Quartz is an extensive family of cryptocrystalline quartz regalia. These 'treasures' range in color from blue, white, buff, tan, and green, to red and gray -- even black and yellow-brown shades. A special quality of this gorgeous gem is its waxy shine -- it's often quite eye-catching. Interestingly enough, Chalcedony Quartz was named after a city by the Bosphorus Sea that dates back thousands of years ago!

Chalcedony gemstones are a popular choice for jewelry due to their hardiness and ability to take on a high polish. These stones come in a range of colors including a variety of blues, whites, greens, grays, and pinks. Jewelry featuring chalcedony can be found in an array of styles from rings and earrings to beads and pendants. This timeless gemstone is sure to add beauty to any collection.

Chalcedony jewelry provides a stunning addition to any wardrobe and is renowned for its beautiful hues. From indigo and smoky quartz to carnelian and bloodstone, you can easily find a piece of this gemstone jewelry that appeals to your style. Whether it's for special occasions or just to add some sparkle to everyday wear, Chalcedony provides eye-catching choices in the form of earrings, necklaces, bracelets, and rings that can help you make an impact.

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