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Citrine Rings

Citrine is known to be a variety of Quartz whose color can vary from a light yellow to a much deeper shade of orange. The color found in this beautiful stone is caused by the iron impurities that are found within the Quartz crystal during its formation. The name citrine is derived from the Latin word “citrina” which translates to yellow. However, it was not always known as citrine in fact up until 1556 it was simply called yellow quartz.

At Wholesale Silver, we offer a variety of citrine rings! From citrine engagement rings to citrine birthstone rings. We carry men's citrine rings as well as women's citrine rings. Our rings are beautiful as much as they are affordable! We have pear shape citrine rings, oval citrine rings, emerald cut citrine rings, and genuine natural citrine rings. With our extensive collection of citrine rings, we have a little something for everyone!