Wholesale Crab Pendants

Crab pendants are a unique and eye-catching jewelry item, made to resemble the form of a crab. These pendants are often made from a variety of materials including metal, wood, and resin, offering different textures and finishes to suit individual styles. Wholesale crab pendants come in a range of sizes, from small and delicate to larger and more statement-making, making them suitable for a variety of uses, from daily wear to special occasion jewelry.

In certain cultures and traditions, crabs are believed to be symbols of rebirth. This stems from the belief that we humans after we pass reincarnate into crabs or other sea creatures. The spirit of the crab is said to be associated with the moon, our intuitions, and the waves of life.

With our wide selection of crab pendant jewelry comes a variety of styles to pick and choose from that are suitable for all tastes, from gold crab pendants to 925 sterling silver crab pendants to name a few. You can mix and match any of these lovely pendants with a dazzling chain necklace from our extensive collection!

Here at Wholesale Silver, we pride ourselves on providing the best quality crab pendants in order to ensure the utmost satisfaction of all our customers! We are positive you will not be disappointed with your purchase!

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