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Emerald Rings Wholesale provides clients with a selection of emerald rings of the highest quality. All gems used in these rings are chosen for their beauty, clarity, and color. A variety of designs and styles are available, so clients can find the perfect ring that appeals to their tastes. We aim to provide our customers with a vast selection of emerald rings at wholesale prices.

Emerald Rings Wholesale offers excellent value for money thanks to their business operating on the wholesale model, allowing them to offer customers the same quality rings at a reduced price compared to retail stores. They make an ideal choice for people who require high-quality emerald rings at affordable prices.

Emeralds are an incredibly valuable gemstone formed when the mineral beryl meets chromium or vanadium, resulting in its signature green hue. It is believed that these gems were first discovered and mined in Egypt around 1500 BC; the Ancient Egyptians prized them so much, Cleopatra adorned herself with emeralds on several occasions. The Latin word "Smaragdus" and its Greek origin, "Smaragdus", means "green gem," which aptly describes this stone. In fact, up to 50% of the world's emerald supply comes from Colombia alone!

Wholesale Silver offers a broad selection of emerald rings that are perfect for any occasion. Our comprehensive collection includes everything from engagement and promise rings to Claddagh, pear-shaped, princess cut, cushion cut, marquise, oval, teardrop, cabochon, and bezel set styles — with something for everyone. Shop now to find the perfect emerald ring!

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