Indian Jewelry Necklace Sets

Wearing ornamental and lavish jewelry is part of the Indian, Pakistani and Bangladeshi cultures. Those three countries were once part of Greater India and hence there are many elements of the culture common to all three countries.

During special occasions like attending a wedding, Women wear complete jewelry sets that match the outfit. Such formal jewelry sets are made of 22 Kt solid gold which costs a decent amount of money to buy.

Nowadays it has become a fashion to wear the gold-plated replica of that expensive one. This provided a lot of benefits to the one who wears it. Firstly, it is inexpensive. Secondly, there is less worry about taking care of them which otherwise would be a constant source of worry as every piece in the original 22Kt can cost a huge amount.

The Indian and Pakistani sets usually comprise a necklace that will have a prominent pendant, its matching earrings, and also bracelets. With the advent of gold-plated jewelry, the trend of going back to culture has become a norm among the Indian, Pakistani and Bangladeshi communities living in the USA.

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