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Men's Black Onyx Rings

Most Onyx used in jewelry is polished and smooth. When placed inside sterling silver, setting, the dull color seems to just melt into the silver, forming a perfect union. The sterling silver luster and the dull onyx make a pairing for the ages. Black onyx is a symbol of manliness and toughness in the direst circumstances; and who doesn’t love a man in black.

Nothing says class like a man in black. Black onyx rings have been a custom of men’s jewelry for centuries. Black onyx rings are a staple for men’s style in most of the Middle East and Asian subcontinent. However, black onyx has been a prized stone throughout the world in all aspects of life; some report the use of various types of onyx to make bowls in ancient Egypt.

Onyx comes in a variety of shades. Onyx is formed from bands of chalcedony with the intergrowth of silica and moganite. Onyx is found primarily in green, red, and black variations; black being the most common. Modern stones which are called onyx are actually agate treated to the desired color.

If you are looking for an Elegant Ring then Black Onyx Ring should be your prime consideration. Black fir Jewelry pieces can go with a lot of outfits and perfectly suits wearing on any occasion.

Men’s Sterling Silver Black Onyx Ring would look great for everyday wear or for a Wedding Band. Men’s Signet Bands with Black Onyx are popular throughout the year.