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Pearls form within oysters, not in the ground. An irritant enters the shell of an oyster and over time, it's encapsulated with successive layers of nacre. This process eventually creates a protective hard shell that is iridescent and what we know as a Pearl.

Pearls come in different forms: natural, cultured, saltwater, and freshwater. Natural pearls are exceptionally rare and can only be sourced from specific oyster beds. Cultured Pearls are the most commonly available form of pearl and are farmed for mass production. Saltwater Pearls inhabit saltwater bodies such as oceans, whereas freshwater ones inhabit freshwater sources such as rivers or lakes.

At Wholesale Silver, we're proud to offer a wide selection of beautiful pearl rings. Whether you need an engagement ring, a wedding band, or just a stylish piece of jewelry, our collection is sure to have something for everyone. Thank you for considering us - we hope you find the perfect ring!

Our pearl rings offer a wide range of styles to meet every preference. The selection includes black, silver, rose gold, white gold, pink, and yellow gold variations as well as natural options. And for an extra touch of sophistication, consider adding one of our mother-of-pearl rings to your jewelry collection.

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