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Pearl Rings

Unlike other gems, Pearls do not form in the ground, in fact, they form within oysters or mollusks when an impurity invades their shell. Over time layers of what is called nacre form over the impurity and that is when the hard iridescent shell begins to form and harden into what we know as a Pearl. There are several types of Pearls such as natural, cultured, saltwater, and freshwater.

Here at Wholesale Silver, we offer an extensive collection of pearl rings. From pearl engagement rings to pearl wedding rings we have a little bit of everything for everyone. Our real pearl rings come in a variety of colors such as black pearl rings, silver pearl rings, rose gold, pearl rings, white gold pearl rings, pink pearl rings, yellow gold pearl rings, and even natural pearl rings. These mother-of-pearl rings are a perfect accessory to any look and a sure must-have!