Wholesale Sterling Silver Celtic Rings

"Celtic rings or otherwise known as Claddagh rings first made their appearance around 300 years ago in an Irish fishing village by the name of Claddagh. This Irish term translates to “flat stony shore.” The Celtic knots or designs found on these rings serve as a symbol that represents the rich culture of Ireland.

There are various stories that surround the Celtic ring's first appearance. One is a ring falling into the lap of a woman by an eagle as a reward for her good deeds. However, the story most commonly known begins with two lovers during the century Richard and Margaret. The story goes, that Richard was unfortunately captured and sold into slavery. He feared he would never see Margret again. As the years passed Richard dreamed of returning to his love, so much so that he made a ring hoping to one day give it to her. Once he was freed Richard made it back to Claddagh where he found Margaret patiently waiting for him.

Here at Wholesale Silver, we carry this symbol of love and culture with pride and joy! Our selection of sterling silver Celtic knot rings is sure to be a perfect gift for that special someone or a reason to treat yourself. We are positive you will not be left dissatisfied with your purchase of one of these lovely sterling silver Celtic rings!"

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