Sterling Silver Aquamarine Jewelry Wholesale

Aquamarine, which has a Latin name of aqua marinas meaning “water of the sea”, is appreciated for its light blue and transparent crystal-like appearance. Derived from the beryl family, aquamarine is the regal birthstone of March. This gemstone has been treasured for centuries as it was believed to protect sailors against the elements and ensure a safe voyage. Nowadays, aquamarine is favored in rings, necklaces, or other jewel pieces that appeal to many people.

Sterling silver aquamarine jewelry adds an elegant touch to any look. From bold statement pieces to subtly stunning understated styles, our collection offers something for everyone. Aquamarine is a gorgeous stone ranging from light blue to deep sapphire colors, generally found in colder climates. This beautiful gem is the March birthstone and makes a wonderful gift for anyone born that month.

For everyday use, many people find that a necklace or pendant with an aquamarine gemstone is ideal. Aquamarine stones are available in many shapes and sizes, including Teardrop and Peardrop pendants, as well as more complex designs. To maximize the beauty of these gems, you can consider a 925 sterling silver bracelet with accent hoop earrings to match your aquamarine pearls or pendant. Diamonds, white gold, and other settings also go great with these lovely stones. There's no limit to the inventive ways you can enjoy aquamarine jewelry!

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