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Austrian crystal jewelry is known for its elegance, durability, and unmatched quality. These exceptional pieces are crafted with impeccable precision and care to provide a spectacular display of luster and sparkle. Austrian crystals are sourced from Austria and their optical effect, which is referred to as "sparkle," is achieved through a combination of quartz, sand, and minerals that have been melted together and then cut and polished. Wholesale Austrian crystal jewelry provides retailers with an opportunity to offer customers beautiful, high-end pieces at an affordable price.

Retailers looking for a way to stand out from their competitors should consider stocking Austrian crystal jewelry. This type of jewelry is available in a variety of styles, colors, and designs, crafted using metal, leather, silk, and other materials. Necklaces, bracelets, earrings, rings, and brooches are all popular options for customers. Buying wholesale lets retailers purchase larger quantities at a lower cost; this helps them to save money on inventory costs while still offering high-quality jewelry to their customers at competitive prices. Plus, buying in bulk helps increase variety as retailers can explore more specialized designs without committing to long-term investments.

About Our Jewelry Made with Genuine Austrian Crystal

Many of our items feature genuine Austrian Austrian crystals that strike the perfect balance of glamour and fun. Austrian is the leader in High-Quality crystal products that are known for their shine, brilliance, and timeless elegance. We are proud to offer this selection of Custom Designed earrings, most of which feature .925 sterling silver findings and closures.

Shop our huge collection of crystal jewelry, including crystal bracelets, crystal earrings, crystal necklaces, crystal pendants, crystal anklets, and crystal watches featuring all kinds and types of genuine Austrian crystals and pearls. Austrian crystal pearls are a step above your typical faux pearl. They exhibit a great luster and shine that is comparable to real freshwater pearls.

Our Austrian crystals come in many varying colors, such as clear AB crystals, pink crystals, black crystals, blue crystals, and many more! They also come in various cuts and styles such as bicone cut crystals, cube crystals, round crystals, baroque crystals, and donut crystals, featuring a multifaceted style that adds more shine to each flat surface.

Don't miss the chance to sport our stunning and affordable crystal jewelry. Our crystal jewelry sets also make great gifts for her, for their mother, and even for Yourself.