Tree of Life Jewelry

The tree of life is known across many cultures to be an ancient symbol. For hundreds and hundreds of years the tree of life has been said to represent wisdom, knowledge, as well as the intertwining and interconnection of all life.

In ancient Egypt, it was said that Egyptians believed the tree was a connection to the god of death and fertility known as Osiris. Other cultures, such as the Celts, viewed the tree of life as a symbol that represented all life. In this belief, the roots of the tree reached the underworld while the trunk is what stood on earth and served as the balance between the physical and the spiritual. The branches that grew high reach toward heaven and are believed to be a pathway between the spirit and the human world

Here at Wholesale Silver, we bring to you our enchanting tree of life jewelry. From pendants to necklaces these pieces are sure to bring and honor the connections of life as well as the wisdom and knowledge this represents. Our tree of life pendants with gemstones are timelessly beautiful and a sure must-have! Any piece from our tree of life jewelry is sure to be the perfect gift for a loved one or just a simple reason to treat yourself!

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