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Vermeil dates as far back as the 19th century when it first originated. The technique is much like gold plating where a thick layer of gold is applied over sterling silver. Vermeil is a great gold alternative when looking for a beautiful jewelry piece that doesn’t break the bank. 

Vermeil pendants are a luxurious and stylish addition to your jewelry collection. Crafted from sterling silver, these pendants are plated with a layer of gold for the high-quality look and feel of solid gold jewelry at an affordable price point. The wide range of vermeil pendants available includes traditional designs as well as more modern and on-trend pieces, perfect for everyday wear or special occasions. With so many beautiful styles to choose from, you're sure to find just the right piece to complement your personal style.

Vermeil pendants offer a striking appearance, as well as lasting durability with proper care. Investing in one of these elegant pieces is not only a stylish choice, but you will be able to enjoy it for years to come. There are countless ways to show off these pendants--they can be used to create personalized or unique looks on different types of chains or necklaces. Vermeil pendants have something special no matter the occasion and make an excellent addition to any jewelry collection.

With our wide selection of vermeil pendants comes a variety of styles to pick and choose from that are suitable for all styles such as 18k vermeil pendants and gold vermeil pendant necklaces to name a few. You can mix and match any of these wonderful pendants with a dazzling chain necklace from our extensive collection!

Here at Wholesale Silver, we pride ourselves on providing the best quality vermeil pendants to ensure our customers' utmost satisfaction! We are positive you will not be disappointed with your purchase!

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